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We’ve Changed our Name

We have been thinking about changing our name for quite some time now. Having tried almost every brainstorming and creativity technique under the sun. Long walks, mood boards, beer. Then all of a sudden it hit us.

So it’s with great pleasure (and a little trepidation) that I can announce that the search for a new name is over.

Say hello to Bello.

A New Chapter Begins

Bello means beautiful in Spanish and Italian, and we think it has a warm, human feel.

But Bello is more than just a new name. It reflects a transformation as a platform beyond just social sharing into a complete team communications platform (you can read more about those new features in a later post). The new name also gives us some more flexibility: we want to be more than news sharing, we want to be the core of the modern workday.

So what exactly is Bello?

Bello is the way to connect, chat and communicate with your team and company. We thought a lot about what defines a company: is it the purpose, the product, or the people?

We believe the interactions between people within the company are the most important factor. So it's surprising that so many companies still rely on SMS, and email for internal communication. These tools are hardly optimal for businesses' internal communication though.

Bello, on the other hand, has been built from the ground up with exactly that problem in mind.

Social sharing isn't dead!

Sharing between employees has always been a core of our product and that will continue. The ability to share out to social media will continue to be a part of the Bello platform, but in a new way. You just need to enable the Newsio add-on within Bello and you'll be good to go.

So now what?

We want to be better at updating you guys at what we are doing, what we are building, why we building it, who we talk to, and our thought on internal communications.

So if you have any questions, feature request, ideas for blog posts or something else, don’t hesitate to contact us.